MINI Oil Service Intervals

At BEE-EMS, we know that regular preventative maintenance is essential for the efficiency and longevity of your MINI. The problem is, however, that many car manufacturers, including MINI, recommend extended intervals between services and oil changes.

BEE-EMS, along with many others in our industry, believe that these long intervals are detrimental to the durability of your MINI. Whilst fewer services and oil changes might be beneficial for the manufacturer (minimising the warranty costs), the potential damage on your MINI’s engine can be significant.

Extended service intervals can damage your MINI’s engine

Overly long gaps in services and oil changes can have a significant and detrimental impact on your engine’s longevity. This is important for all vehicles, but more so with the MINI because until very recently, most models of the MINI did not have an engine oil level warning.

So if you own an older model MINI, regular and preventative services and oil changes are even more crucial than for newer models. However, just because you have a newer model MINI doesn’t mean that you can be complacent because the signs of wear and tear on your engine (due to extended service intervals) are often not noticed until the warranty period has ended.

As you can appreciate, if an engine’s oil is not changed frequently, it can become a thick sludge losing a lot of its lubricative properties. If this happens to the engine of your MINI it will likely result in reduced performance, internal damage and expensive repairs that could have been easily prevented with regular servicing and oil changes.

Recommended oil change intervals for MINIs

Our experience has shown us time and time again that a pro-active maintenance schedule reaps rewards for our clients. To keep your MINI performing at its optimum, regular servicing and preventative maintenance is essential every six months. This is the simplest way to avoid inconvenient and expensive breakdowns. It also keeps your car safe, economical and reliable.

We look forward to providing your MINI with the quality service and attention to detail you deserve.

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