Reviews & Testimonials

We have had our BMW vehicles serviced by BEE-EMS at Hornsby for more than 25 years. It is reassuring to be able to consult with the personnel who do the work on the vehicles. We also feel that the cost of the service is reasonable especially for the quality of work done. The staff are professional and courteous which gives the client confidence in the workmanship and care of the vehicle.” Heather & Neville – East Ryde My name is Stephen Richardson and I have been a car enthusiast all my life. Whether it is my BMW M3 daily driver under manufacturer warranty, our weekend MINI, or an older classic BMW, it is with complete confidence that I trust these to BEE-EMS care. I have used BEE-EMS for over 15 years, and all maintenance and repair works are undertaken at the highest level of competency, cost efficiency and under the genuine expertise of their two senior technicians Rob and NOEL. It is such a pleasurable experience to be welcomed by their pleasant and knowledgeable staff, and to witness the true professionalism of their services, whether it is a simple regular maintenance, or to witness their professional skill and use of technical equipment to quickly and accurately pin point a specific problem. They have often replaced a small faulty component rather than the whole expensive unit, and they only undertake works that are completely necessary – and I greatly appreciate their communication and consultation throughout the process. Without hesitation and with total confidence I highly recommend BEE- EMS.

To Whom it May Concern, BEE-EMS have been servicing and caring for my BMWs for 15 years. I have always found them to be professional and caring in the service they offer. They keep computerised records on my vehicle, remind me when a service is due and give me general overview of what may require attention when I take my car in. Further to this Rob or Noel will always ring me during the service if something unexpected is found to require attention. I have great confidence in their work and appreciate that they always do what is required thoroughly. I also appreciate that they look at the distances I drive and the way I drive to ensure they cover all necessary work in each service, but only the necessary work. At each service they give me an idea of any further upcoming maintenance costs which is most helpful. BEE-EMS always provide quality old fashioned personal service whilst having highly trained technicians and state of art equipment to care for each vehicle. I know if something is concerning me regarding my car I can call and discuss it. Rob or Noel will tell me if immediate attention is required or if I can take simple measures to sort out the problem. Their standard of service is outstanding. Their costs are both fair and reasonable I always appreciate that they kindly offer a courtesy vehicle which makes organising servicing so much easier. I have great confidence in BEE-EMS, have always felt I am a valued client and enjoy my ongoing connection with them. I trust their judgement which of course is most important when a company cares for your vehicle. Kind Regards

I’ve been a happy customer of BEE-EMS since 2002. During these past 15 years, the BEE-EMS team has consistently provided professional, knowledgeable and honest service, helping me maintain and grow my love and collection of BMWs which now includes a 2002Tii, E28 M535i, E38 740iL, E46 M3 convertible, and E82 135i coupe.

Always accommodating, they are true BMW enthusiasts too, participating in events such as the Classic Adelaide Rally and supportive of owners who may wish to have the occasional track day experience too.

To that end, BEE- EMS has been an integral and essential part of my BMW enjoyment and I couldn’t recommend them more highly for all of your BMW motoring needs.

Hi Rob, I have to tell you that every time I drive my beautiful 228i, I feel good because the car is handling so well: it’s like a piece of silk due to your good work on it. That reminds me of how I came to meet you over twenty five years ago. I had bought my first BMW, a 318i, three years old and it drove so well, I asked the vendor who was servicing it. “Bee-Ems,” he replied. I thought to myself: that’s where I have to go. I wasn’t disappointed and I had that car for many years, always running sweetly. Eventually it needed replacement. I did think of straying from BMW but decided not to, simply because your servicing is so good. So I purchased a 325i, a little more powerful than the 318i. You looked after it so well! It was always a pleasure to drive. I must add that my dear wife, who followed me into BMW, with a 318i, a 325i and now a 228i, thinks you walk on water.

My first service at BEE-EMS goes back to July 1997, when my E28 535iA had 168,000 K’s on the clock & I have been a loyal customer to this day. I still have my everyday driver E28, but, it now has 710,000 K’s on the clock. ( I have owned it since January 1995.) I can’t recommend Rob and his team, highly enough.

I have been servicing my BMW’s at BEE-EMS since late 1987 and have never looked back. As a very fussy car owner Robert and Noel have always delivered. Every service and/or problem that I have presented them has been carried out perfectly, without the price tag you get from the dealers. I would highly recommend servicing your vehicle with BEE-EMS.

We have had our BMW vehicles serviced by BEE-EMS at Hornsby for more than 25 years. It is reassuring to be able to consult with the personnel who do the work on the vehicles. We also feel that the cost of the service is reasonable especially for the quality of work done. The staff are professional and courteous which gives the client confidence in the workmanship and care of the vehicle.”

BEE-EMS has always been reliable and thorough with servicing two of my cars (a MINI & a BMW X5). They don’t change parts that don’t need to be replaced. They have given me good advice , are easy to talk to and give great explanations of what they have worked on. My husband, who is a qualified motor mechanic who no longer works in the trade, is happy that we send the car to be serviced by BEE-EMS. They understand BMW’s and Mini’s.

I have been a customer of BEE- EMS for over 30 years and can highly recommend their service, Technical knowledge and personal care. Whether a major mechanical repair or a simple service, the management and staff are totally professional and have many times gone way over the expected, to make sure that my motoring needs have been trouble free I wouldn’t have anyone else take care of my BMW.

Rob McBrien and his team at BEE-EMS have been servicing my cars for about 20 years and I have always found friendly service, thorough BMW knowledge base, excellent advice and workmanship, all at reasonable prices. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for these qualities in BMW servicing.

My MINI has been under the care of BEE-EMS Service for many years now and I will continue to rely on the staff there because their workmanship is excellent. My MINI is well maintained, never gives me any trouble and I can call on them at any time if I need assistance or information. I have always found them to be reliable, dedicated and trustworthy and wholeheartedly recommend them to all mini owners.

I have had BEE-EMS maintain our two BMW’s, a 5 series and a 3 series, for over 13 years … they are very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and efficient, and totally trustworthy, I recommend them highly.

“Both of my MINIs were bought new from a BMW dealership in 2005 and then in 2007. They’re great cars but I’ve learnt they need the right care to keep them in top form. The best thing I did was to have BEE- EMS service my MINIs! Rob and Noel have been looking after both MINIs since I moved away from the BMW dealership nearly 10 years ago. I now have BEE-EMS look after everything from routine log book service and rego inspections, right down to seeking their advice on the right type of tyre to suit my driving style. The guys know everything there is to know about MINIs and have always been friendly and approachable with any question I’ve had. I wouldn’t trust my MINIs to anyone else!”

I have been using BEE-EMS for about 8 years and highly recommend them for their expertise and professionalism. They have looked after 2 different BMW’s for me and I have always found the quality of the work they perform on my cars to be excellent. Both Rob and Noel are very knowledgeable and approachable. They always clearly explain what work needs to be done on my car, why it needs to done and the cost prior to commencing the actual work. I have no hesitation in calling them if I am concerned my car is not running smoothly as I know they always happy to help and will always give me the right advice.

“Take it to BEE-EMS at Hornsby”, my very astute Scottish friend exclaimed when I told him I have purchased my first BMW, a mighty 7 Series, more than 20 years ago. And when I asked him for his reasoning, his enthusiastic reply, in lyrical brogue, was along these lines:- “Firstly,.. it’s a small business with honest and personal service from the two main hands-on technicians, Rob and Noel, who are steeped in BMW mechanical expertise and supported by a couple of young qualified enthusiasts whom they have trained ; you can trust them and reply on their advice.” “Secondly, it’s so easy to use them. They drop you off and collect you from Hornsby Station if that’s what you want, or, they give you a courtesy car to use – both without charge !” “ And thirdly, and most importantly, it’s quality service for your BMW at a very affordable price, well below the charges made by the prestige dealers who have to cover large overheads…there are no fancy overheads at Hornsby … the closest person to the phone answers it !!! “ I accepted my friend’s advice, and it was one of my best commercial decisions. For the past 15 years, I have lived in the Sydney CBD but still take my second BMW to BEE-EMS Hornsby for its TLC –and after 14 years, it’s still running like a top !!