Will my car be safe when it is at BEE EMS?

Yes, all cars are parked in our 'off the road' carpark, and every car that stays overnight is locked inside our 'back to base' alarm equipped workshop.

Do you service all makes and models?

Yes, of BMW & BMW MINI, in fact we only service BMW and MINI vehicles – this is our sole focus. It really is impossible for a workshop to service all makes and models properly. Even a workshop advertising “European Car Specialist” is very unlikely to have all the ongoing equipment and training needed to properly achieve this.

Are you the cheapest in town?

Nothing is more expensive than poorly done work! You will always be able to find some-one to do a job cheaper. However, cheap is rarely good value. We offer great value specialist service and repairs.

Do you warranty the work done on my car?

All our work is covered by a 24 month warranty.

Can I talk to the technician who works on my car?

Rob & Noel (who between them have over 60 years’ experience) are always available to speak to you about your car.

Do you also sell cars and parts?

No, we are a service and repair centre.

How do you keep up with new technology?

We are members of BIMRS and have travelled to the USA every year for the last 20+ years for training, equipment & information to keep up to date on BMW & MINIs. We also participate in local professional training as available.

Are you licenced and insured?

Yes, we meet all the government regulations regarding licencing and are fully insured.

Do I get to control what is done on my car?

Absolutely. We always get your authority before proceeding with any work on your car. At BEE-EMS when you leave your car with us for service or repair you can be assured that our attention to detail, our integrity and pride in our workmanship means that the job is done right. You won’t pay for unnecessary parts or work, we won’t proceed with any repairs without your full authority and there will be no surprises when you arrive to collect your car. No 5 o’clock bill shock!

Can I use Ethanol Fuel?

All BMWs since 1986, and all MINIs since 2001 can run on E10. It is our recommendation that 95 RON (unleaded 95) petrol or higher is used to achieve the efficiency your car was designed for.

Why do my wheels get so dirty?

The brake system fitted to your BMW/MINI is designed for maximum performance and quiet operation in cold and hot conditions. This is achieved by using a combination of soft brake pads and discs (rotors). The soft brake pads generate the brake dust which ends up on your wheels.

Are there brake pads that won’t make my wheels so dirty?

The best option we have found, that delivers similar braking and low noise, are ceramic based brake pads. These should be fitted as a complete set (front and rear) to maintain correct braking balance. Ask us about this option.

My new BMW /MINI doesn’t have service books, can you update my records?

Recent and current BMWs and MINIs have their service history recorded on the hard drive in the cars, and on BMWs computer in Germany. We are able to record all services we do for you on this system.

Why choose BEE-EMS?
  • BEE-EMS is proudly family owned and operated and has been since 1981. That is longer than most of the Sydney dealerships!
    We offer professional personalised service, second to none – the kind you and your car deserve.
  • Our team of highly trained technicians are able to handle even the most challenging repairs to your BMW or MINI.
    We are so good at it that even other workshops bring us the cars they can’t fix!
  • We understand that being without your car while it’s being serviced can be inconvenient – that’s why we provide a free shuttle service to Hornsby station and free Courtesy cars.
    By the way, our car park is secure and off street. Just another way we take better care of your car.
  • We can service your new car too, while still under warranty. Despite what the dealers want you to believe, your warranty will not be void or effected by you brining your car to us.
    For “the truth about new car servicing” go to www.accc.gov.au or www.choiceofrepairer.com.au Both sites clarify the law regarding warranty. We think its recommended reading!
  • At BEE-EMS we offer personalised service, second to none. Rob and Noel are available to speak with you when you call or drop in. We even wash your car for you! It’s all part of the BEE-EMS service!
The “Satnav “maps in my car is a bit outdated, can you update it?

Yes, however the process differs from model to model, so give us a call and we can help you.

Do you have Courtesy vehicles? How much do they cost to use?

Yes, we have “short term” courtesy cars available at no charge (Basic conditions apply) Booking essential.

Do you do registration inspections? (pink slips)

Yes, we do NSW annual registration renewal inspections – with a booking these can be done while you wait.

Do you do pre-purchase inspections?

Yes we do, please call to book and for further details.

What is your view on extended oil change intervals?

In short – we regularly see the very expensive and negative impacts of long interval changes on engines. We recommend changes much more regularly. It does vary from model to model. Please call and chat for more information.