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Here at BEE-EMS we are strong advocates of regular preventative maintenance and its benefits.


Many of the car manufacturers including BMW have introduced long, extended service intervals. We believe, as do many in our profession, that these intervals are way too long. While they might work out great for the dealers, helping to keep their warranty service costs down, we do not believe they are good for the engine. In fact, quite the opposite is true, these extended intervals have a significant detrimental impact on the engines longevity and many of its components. As a result it also has a significant impact on you, and your hip pocket!

In a new car, the signs of the effects of extended oil change intervals are not easily apparent, however as the car ages (yes, once out of the warranty period typically) the signs of the detrimental impacts to the engine do become apparent. (It’s a bit like us – when we are young, the abuse we do to our bodies is not obvious to see, but as we get older it’s impossible to hide!)

Engine oil is an integral component in the engines smooth and efficient operation. Its job is to lubricate, clean and cool the engines moving parts. Over time, heat and wear cause the oil to degrade and not lubricate efficiently compromising the standard of job it can do. Many times we have seen oil that has become a thick sludge, too thick to effectively circulate and protect the engine, resulting in expensive major engine repairs. Repairs that could have been easily prevented with regular servicing and oil changes.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that a pro-active maintenance schedule reaps rewards for our clients. To keep your BMW performing at its optimum, regular servicing and preventative maintenance is essential! It’s the simplest and best way to avoid inconvenient and expensive breakdowns. It also keeps your car safe, economical and reliable.

We have found that it is important to have your car serviced and inspected every 6 months, regardless of the mileage. Some components will have been affected by time, not distance travelled and need to be checked regularly to help avoid preventable and sometimes expensive problems. Our 6month Oil Service and vehicle check is a simple way to ensure trouble free motoring miles.

With BEE-EMS you can have confidence that the job has been done right!

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